Blind Terror


In 2019 the North Koreans launched a biological terrorist attacked on the United States using a genetically engineered version of the Human Cytomegalavirus. The virus renders its victims totally blind in just a few short weeks.

Follow the first instances of the virus to the rapid spread across the country and eventually throughout the world when the virus mutates unexpectedly making it even more deadly than its attackers intended. Can the country survive this deadly attack? 

Blind Terror takes the reader through a real world terrorist situation  that is actually possible. Based on extensive research, Blind Terror's fact filled scenario will scare you, excite you, make you sad, and make you happy from its simple start to its surprise ending. 

Blind Terror is the first in a series of books that begins with this horrendous terrorist attack. Just when the virus is defeated and the world begins the long road to recovery, a deranged ego to dominate the world takes the reader into the second book, The Gray Cardinal. engaging what if scenario that truly strikes fear into everyone. Great read from a new author!

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